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CUTA Contract

Article 15: Negotiation Procedures
Article 16: Completion of Meet and Negotiation
Article 17: Effect of Agreement
Article 18: Term
Article 19: District Rights
Article 20: Waiver Procedures
Article 21: Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Article 22: Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)  UPDATED 2017-18
Article 23: Project Educator
Article 24: Job Sharing
Article 25: Medi-Cal Administrative Activities UPDATED 2017-18

Appendix A: Fist to Five
Appendix B: Waiver Application UPDATED 2017-18
Appendix C: Participation Agreement With Delta Benefits
Appendix D: Job Share Application
Appendix E: Criteria for Extra Pay Positions/Assignments
Appendix F: Rubric for Teaching Standards
Appendix G-2: Waiver
Appendix H: Calculating Percentage Change from COLA and Deficit Reduction
Appendix I: Transfer from YRE to Traditional Schedule
Appendix J: Secondary Testing Schedule for Star 2004
Appendix K: Junior High Star Testing Schedule 2004
Appendix L: Job Share Application
Appendix M: Criteria for extra pay Stipends
Memorandums of Understanding