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CUTA Representative Council

The CUTA Representative Council is the policy-making body for CUTA. This council is comprised of members of CUTA, derives its powers from and is responsible to the membership.Each school site is allotted 1 Site Representative for every ten members at that school site. The CUTA Representative Council meets on the third Thursday of each Month at Pleasant Valley High School room S-5.

The primary duties of the Representative Council are as follows:

  • Establish CUTA policies and objectives.
  • Adopt the annual budget of CUTA.
  • Approve or discontinue committees recommended by the Executive Board
  • Establish CUTA dues pending approval of the General Membership.
  • Be the vehicle to disseminate important information back to school sites via Site Representatives.
  • Discuss current issues/challenges CUTA might be facing.

CUTA Site Representatives

CUTA Site representatives shall be elected by each faculty member group at each site. Such elections shall be by open nominations and by secret ballot.
The primary duties of Site Representatives are as follows:
  • Communicate information from Representative Council to members at the respective school site.
  • Conduct meetings after faculty meetings to disseminate information and discuss and share issues.
  • Serve as the official channel through which written communications and publications can be quickly transmitted between CUTA and school sites
  • Represent the views and input of the respective school site membership in votes taken at Representative Council Meetings.