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2017-18 CUTA Executive Board    The CUTA Executive board consists of CUTA Officers, and 6 members elected from the elementary level and six from the secondary level. The primary duties of the CUTA Executive Board are as follows:
  • Coordinate activities of CUTA.
  • Direct bargaining activities and grievance processing of CUTA.
  • Approve appointment and removal of bargaining team members.
  • Recommend a budget for CUTA to the Representative Council.
  • Approve Committee Appointments.
  • Adopt the Standing Rules for the Association
  • Conduct monthly or emergency meetings and disseminate information to members via the Representative Council.

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CUTA Executive Board MembersSchool Site
CUTA Executive Board MembersSchool Site
Nancy Marie Neal Dow 
Jennifer Rossovich Hooker Oak School 
Mike Huyck Pleasant Valley High 
John Cowan Fairview High School 
Leigh Pearce Sierra View 
Bart Panek Little Chico Creek 
Liesl Jones Bidwell, Chico Jr, Marsh 
HB Calvert Chico High School 
Courtny Connelly Marsh Jr. High 
Tim Applebee Chico High School 
Sonya Ross Little Chico Creek 
Susan Archer Chico High School 
Nancy Teramoto Parkview Elementary 
Michelle Bunch Sierra View Elementary 
Kevin Moretti CUTA President 
Virgie McGrath Emma Wilson Elementary 
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